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 Lin Sun ~ Fashionistas (College) ~ 22

You’d best be watching your steps around the halls because Lin Sun has arrived and has her eyes on everyone. An extremely judgmental girl, Lin watches and keeps track of what goes on with anyone and everyone. Your first impression is all that truly matters to this girl, and once she has an opinion of you, it is almost impossible to change it. Just getting passed any prior prejudice she has it hard enough, let alone ever changing her opinions.

Lin grew up in China living next door to the Fa family including their young daughter, Mulan. She was often forced to play with or babysit the younger girl, something that Lin never particularly enjoyed. Mulan was far to tomboyish for Lin’s liking who was quite like a princess herself. Lin always tried to be a proper young lady and to get Mulan to be so as well, but it never seemed to work well and eventually Lin just gave up and began to come up with any excuse possible to avoid having to spend time with Mulan who she felt could never really amount to anything in proper society.

Lin come from a very rich family in China and so was always raised to be ladylike, well mannered, and to live properly in high society. She is also beautiful and clever and she knows it, which makes her a very prideful and snotty person. She thinks very highly of herself and lowly of anyone she thinks is below her. Which is pretty well everyone back home. Coming to Wishing Well was a bit better. Her parents sent her there about the time they heard that was where the Fa family were sending Mulan, thinking that it would be good for Lin to get the best education available to her. Arriving at the school, Lin fell quickly into the Fashionistas partially through the friendship she formed with Atta Reed, another high society girl who is one of the few people that Lin doesn’t look down on. Two girls that Lin really does not like are Madie Armoire and Dolly Bennet, who Lin often questions how they could even get into a school like Wishing Well. She is never anything but nice to their faces, but the other girls see through this pretty easily, Maddie more so than Dolly. Besides them, Mulan and her friends are still the people that Lin dislikes the most. Except for one, anyway. Lee Shang is a guy who Lin likes more then most of the others in that little group. In fact, she really likes him and is really just waiting for him to realize that fact since, come on, she’s Lin Sun. She could get any guy that she wants no problem. She also considers herself pretty good at matching other people up into suitable couples and enjoys playing matchmaker for people, whether they want her to or not.

Lin is a girl who is very impatient. She hates waiting for anything or anyone under any circumstances. She is also very short tempered, so it is generally a good idea to try and stay off of her bad side at ll costs. On top of all of that, she is also very harsh and rude to anyone who gets on her nerves or even just anyone she just doesn’t find tolerable. She is a mean girl with power and a pretty face who would do anything to make sure things go her way.

Faceclaim: Jessica Jade Andres

Availability: Open

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