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→ Gyspy Elle Ferrer ~ Fashionistas ~ 18

Bio: The princess with an edge of uniqueness Gypsy Elle Ferrer is a young designer from Milan in Italy, getting discovered at an early age for her amazing designs that were both stylish yet different. She took the teenage market by storm by the age of eighteen and has never been out of pocket since. Gypsy knew she always wanted to be a designer just like her idol Coco Chanel and show off her creativity through fabric and printing. Always designing her own clothes and looking stylish Gypsy constantly won awards for being the best dressed and best outfit and was constantly encouraged by her textiles teacher to pursue her dream as she she apparently had real talent. Her first break into the industry was when she was hired by ‘The Circus Bugs’ a high profile performance group that travelled the country, to design their costumes and the stages under the big top. It was here that her dream took a bit of a turn.

A young girl of sixteen but with cleverness beyond her years, she enjoyed her new role as the costume designer and loved the way people stared in awe as they stepped out into the ring. It was also at the circus where she met the brooding English magician Manny. Gypsy was attracted to him due to his strength and dashing good looks despite him being a few years older than her as he was 20 at the time they met. Manny showed Gypsy a new way of looking at the world and dazzled her with magic and also encouraged her to follow her dreams. Overtime Gypsy learned to become Manny’s assistant in his magic act and on this particular day was going to be made to disappear and then step out of another box dressed in her newly destined costume of a beautiful yet sexy butterfly. Of course due to the brilliance of Manny the trick worked straight away and out stepped Gypsy.

The audience were in awe of her and her beautiful dress including someone special in the audience. Meryl Reed, head of Elle magazine. She saw talent in Gypsy and made her a deal to showcase her designs in Elle in the hopes of Gypsy becoming noticed. It was over this time that Gypsy became good friends with Meryl’s two daughters, Dot and Atta. Gypsy agreed and sure enough by her eighteenth birthday she was bigger than Hannah Hooch and selling out quickly. A hot name on the teenage fashion market she was unstoppable and totally loaded. Of course Gypsy knew she still had a lot to learn as she was only young and because of this enrolled herself into the same school as her friend Atta, Wishing Well High in New York City. She also never forgot the cause of her success. Manny. If it wasn’t for him Gypsy would still be at the circus instead of where she was today. Being madly in love with him to start off with, Manny came along with Gypsy to the school and the two are somewhat of an item. Wherever Gypsy goes Manny isn’t far behind and are both very much in love with one another and constantly snogging in the school corridors.

Feisty due to her Italian blood Gypsy is sometimes quite the diva and doesn’t let anyone get the upper hand of her especially those douchebag Nightmares and Evil Queens. Her personality clashes a lot with theirs as she will not be told what to do or ruled by anyone and is very headstrong and puts up one hell of a fight. She seeks refuge with the Fashionista clique along with Atta, Lily and another friend of hers Lottie. She’s unite popular due to her top designer status but it’s clear to see that Atta is indeed the queen and Gypsy never tries to contest that. Gypsy’s best friend at school is the much quieter but more sarcastic long legged brunette Rosie Wilshire, a drifter there are elements of her personality that fit with Gypsy’s quite well and she can always count on her to keep her grounded and down to earth instead of floating around somewhere inside her head. Gypsy is also a very big flirt and is known to have had preferences for other boys other than her Manny including bad boy Sid Philips and Jock Ralph Rex, Rosie is always her voice of reason that sits her down and tells her when she is is going wrong, she’s her very best friend and is always there to pick her up if she’s drunk or hold her when she cries and Gypsy is very glad of her. However Gypsy seems to be getting increasingly closer to more of Wishing Well’s hottest and it’s only a matter of time before even Rosie can’t control this flirtatious young designer. 

Face Claim: Holland Roden
Availability: Taken

 Eve Futuriso ~ Fashionistas (College) ~ 19

Bio: Eve Futuriso grew up in the centre of the big city, she is an only child of a workaholic mother and a prone to anxiety attacks father. Both her parents are employee’s for a huge up and coming company and Eve never really saw either of them when she was growing up, as they would either be in different rooms with the doors locked or inviting friends over on Friday and Saturday nights for wine and cheese of some description. This never really bothered Eve as she was used to entertaining herself, she took interest in technology at a very early age as she was lucky to be wealthy enough to afford expensive camera’s and televisions and such.

Eve has such a natural look, that anyone with in their right mind would want to either be her, look like her or be considered one of her friends maybe even something more, this tends to annoy the Evil Queens as the fact that she doesn’t need to cake on her face make up gives her this pure glow which Queens like Yzma Valentino and Cruella DeVille can’t stand, they believe that she is fake but they can’t exactly pin point what part of her it is. Eve is very fashion forward, she knows whats in and whats not but most of all she tends to stick to all the new trends, she never goes backwards and most of her clothes are solid, base colours giving off the silver impression of the future. She has even been known to design a few things, but nothing special as her parents once used her as the promo girl for a campaign they were doing and Eve had so much fun in front of the camera she hasn’t quite decided if she would rather be behind it or in the magazines.

Eve is a caring girl, she is very protective over her friends and even though she has no powers of any kind she will stand up for what is right and fight until she is out as she is a brave girl and thats what this world needs more of, regular hero’s that aren’t afraid to stick up for themselves. Eve’s best friend, Wally has known her for a good portion of their lives, amazingly the two met in the oddest of ways. Eve used to take the long road home from school, past all the lower class area’s of the city, this was where someone jumped out and mugged her without warning leaving her unconscious and defenceless. Luckily for her Wally was putting the rubbish out and he spotted the girls beautiful blue eyes just as they began to close over, turns out Wally new a thing of two about medical care and took Eve up into his apartment, nursing her back to health. The unlikely duo were impossible to separate after that, nearly every day Eve would lie to her parents and make her way to the seedy side of town where she would meet her best friend, things eventually got awkward when she found out about his little crush on her and by the time her feelings had been returned it was to late, Wally’s parents had moved houses and Eve had no idea where he went.

Another bomb-shell beauty is Molly Davis, the two girls are actually rather close and have been that way ever since Eve moved to Wishing Well, they have little bits in common but their general free spirits and ability to keep each other grounded at the right times are what makes their friendship work but of course, in every friendship their are problems and this problem is both these beauty’s are chasing after the same guy. Woody. Eve has made it quite obvious that Woody would have far more of an interest in her than Molly, even though its obvious Molly likes the boy far more than she does, its just the idea of the competition of seeing who is best or most needed that Eve likes. 

Face Claim: Emily DiDonato
Availability: Open

→Abby Mallard ~ Fashionistas (College) ~ 20

Bio: At first glance Abby Mallard isn’t your typical looking girl, she is unique and all her features stand out incredibly well on not only her face but her body. She is a kind soul, who gets misunderstood a lot but to it doesn’t bother Abby at all that their are blonder, cuter, hotter girls at the school as she knows they are dumber, sluttier and have very little self confidence, where Abby has so much people sometimes believe she is a little to vain for her own good, but she is is also known for her blunt attitude and constant need to be sarcastic. Growing up in the cute little quiet town somewhere far away from the city of New York, was an easy life for Abby, her parents were always lovely and looked after her like any other child, giving her the correct childhood this was until Abby’s best friend Ace Cluck pulled a prank on the whole of the town and they decided the boy was a bad influence on their daughter, not that he did bad things, just that the whole town hated him and Abby’s parents didn’t want they child to be hated as well.

All in all it turned out fine and Abby lost a few friends but she kept her old ones which included her best friend Danielle Fish and of course the amazing, talented, super, attractive Ace Cluck, well thats what he is in her eyes. Abby has had a thing for Ace for as long as she can remember, but she knows very well that he doesn’t like her back as she is always discussing his problems and relationship issues with every other girl that isn’t her, so she just goes along with it, pulls out one of the cheap trashy magazines she used to collect out from under her bed and reads what the “experts” say to do when‘You boyfriend is lying to you..’or you are stuck in a situation like ’I’ve called him 15 times, should I try again..?’. Abby actually met her best girl friend, Danielle through Ace as she was dating her crush at the time, being the sweet level headed girl Abby appears to be she was polite but nothing more, as soon as the relationship ended the friendship began to blossom between the girls and Abby actually confessed to having feels for the third member of the trio, which from Abby’s point of view, Danielle wasn’t to fussed about it. Abby has the dream to be in the fashion industry, she works three jobs, one at a restaurant on Thursday and Wednesday nights, another sweeping hair at the local hairdresser on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings and finally she cleans the schools kitchens on Monday mornings along with school work, the only reason she puts in so much dedication to getting money is for her to be able to earn enough to buy the fabrics and things she likes to create dresses she can wear, sell, give to friends and take photos of as Abby wants to be well known for her rare fashion sense and she plans on being big, hopefully with Ace by her side of course… As thats the dream. 

Vixey Addison another close friend of this loud mouth of a girl, is someone she met on her first week at Wishing Well Boarding School, the two got along famously as they were completely comfortable to act like idiots on their regular ‘girls nights’ where they would literally wake up the next morning with sore stomachs from laughing so hard. All up Abby is a great friend, who makes a joke out of most things but this can be bad as sometimes its hard to take her seriously, unless of course she gives you a friendly wake up slap across the face.

Faceclaim: Kat Dennings


Daisy Phoebe Davis ~ Fashionistas(College) ~ 18 

Bio: Daisy Phoebe Davis, better known as just Phoebe  is the fashionable one of the family she may appear from a distance quiet and modest like a beautiful flower, but truly is she quite outgoing and loud like the rest of her sisters and of course her brother Thumper. Living the Davis family was always a somewhat interesting experience, it’s always busy, there is always something going on but a very common thing among big families was the rejection or the left out feeling some of the siblings felt. Phoebe was always very looked up upon by her parents, they both loved her dearly as she was their precious little flower that did nothing wrong… That they new of, Phoebe was just as rebellious as her younger sister Trixie but she always had the ability to not get caught. This tended to anger her sisters, as Phoebe always got the better end of things even if she refused to see it herself.

From the outside, the Davis family looked perfect but every family has its cracks, at theirs was literally straight down the centre dividing the girls and their brother in half. Trix, Ria and Thumper usually always stuck together leaving Tessie and Phoebe to deal with the rejection from their siblings alone. But a great thing about their family as everyone had their own speciality. For Phoebe she was the kind one and the older sister that everyone really wanted. She’s level headed and sweet and even as a little girl was always willing to listen to anyone’s problems and try and solve them in which ever way she could. In the neighbourhood Phoebe was the little girl that everyone wanted to have as their child, even then she showed signs of being quirky, outgoing and fashionable and was always the best dressed toddler on the block, Phoebe has one of those flawless personalities that can either be incredibly beautiful or creepy at how perfect she acts and how everything she does is nearly flawless.

Now, in the boy theme of things Phoebe has had her eye out for none other than Symphonic Joseph Bambi, amazingly it wasn’t actually his looks nor his personality that drew her in it was his amazing singing ability which she over heard walking the corridors one afternoon, after arriving at Wishing Well. They’ve spoken quite a few times but just as she started to get her flirt on she found that her friend Faline Dearly had a thing for him, so doing the right, friendly thing she backed off and found herself falling head over heals for a certain Jock by the name of Prince Snowden, but of course he has his eyes set on Elite beauty Sophia White. Sometimes Phoebe’s generosity can get her a little bit lost in the crowd, so she defiantly uses her extreme fashion sense to help her out being quite close with other Fashionistas such as Atta Reed and Anastasia Termaine, who might she add has a very attractive Nightmare brother.

Phoebe can be seen as quite the hopeless romantic, she wishes for that fairytale but doesn’t really have the time nor the patiences to stress over boys if the right person wants to be with her, they will like her for her. End of story, she will not chase after any boy. Phoebe isn’t that fussed of where her designing will take her, she is far more interested in just enjoying the fun of making her clothes, she loves just opening the blinds on a rainy day, pulling out her sewing kit and inventing new ideas for new dresses and things, thats her idea of a day well spent.

Face Claim: Astrid Berges-Frisbey
Availability: Open

 Julia ‘Jewel’ Redden ~ Fashionistas (College) ~ 21

Bio: Julia Redden or better known to her friends as simply ‘Jewel’ is the sparkling diamond of her family, a beautiful rare flamingo surrounded by a flock of ordinary looking pigeons as she so puts it, being the eldest girl of her large family known by everyone in the neighbourhood due to it’s overwhelming large size, Julia has often grown up feeling embarrassed by them and most of all wishes her family could just be more normal like her. From an early age it was clear to see that the role of the drama queen would be occupied by Julia who was without a doubt loved everything to be about her, centre around her and be the most important person in her family however being in a large family such as her’s it’s easy to see how somewhere along the line of her eighth sibling Julia learned she was going to have to fight for attention. Surprisingly enough although Julia has always been a little diva she was never necessarily the person she was until very recently, around the time she got to be about sixteen. Julia would always help her mother and father out with her brothers and sisters and be their little angel for taking about five of them off their hands to babysit just so her parents could have a conversation without them screaming their heads off, home life wasn’t too bad because even though they all fought like a pack of wild dogs at times, the Redden’s were a very closely knitted family and would stick up for one another through everything.

As times went on things got more and more difficult for Julia though, as one of the eldest it was her responsibility to keep them all in check and of course it was not easy at all especially at school. Julia’s younger siblings namely Patch, Freckles and Rolly seemed to be hellbent on making her life at school a living hell, and at the end of every assembly their names would be called out and they would be told off in front of the entire school and named and shamed for their crimes whilst Julia sat red faced watching them aware that all eyes in her year had turned to her. Even with her beautiful clothes, nice house and expensive education people still looked at Julia like she was no better than a teenager living on the poverty line attending state education, purely because of her brattish siblings. The Redden children attend an expensive prep school in London, even though Julia knew that on her parents salary it was far too expensive for them to afford and helped out money wise whenever she could by taking a few part time jobs at upmarket stores like Chanel.

Over time Julia became used of this and slowly and surely started to ignore her siblings only taking notice of her brother Purdy who she felt was the only person who really understood her. When Julia was seventeen she got a job at upcoming design house called House Of Deville, which was very trendy and frequented by a lot of big names around that time, it was a pretty cool job and whilst working there Julia got close to the owners daughter Cruella. Cruella was a strange character, she was very hard faced and had sometime about her than made Julia know to be wary of her but for some reason felt like she wanted to know her. Cruella understood Julia more than her family ever could, she was a drama queen like her and maybe just as self centred if not more so and agreed that Julia deserved to be treated as the jewel of her family and not be lost under a pack of mere rocks. The two became very close and Julia considers Cruella to be one of her best friends. On numerous occasions Cruella has however been mean to Julia, got into fights with her, embarrassed her in front of her friends or boys and has always used Julia for her family and in more detail the family’s large collection of dogs, or their fur for that matter. In the Redden family every child was given a dalmatian puppy when their neighbours the Dearly’s dogs gave birth to them last year, having a very large litter and enough for each of the kids to have a puppy. Every time Cruella came round her eyes brightened with excitement at the prospect of skinning them and making them into a lovely fur coat although never breathed a word of it to Julia who was none the wiser. The Redden family do not like Cruella at all and if they had it their way their daughter would not be friends with her but knowing that Jewel is practically a grown woman they are aware that she has to make these decisions for herself.

When she was eighteen Julia applied to get onto a scholarship on the fashion and design course at a school in New York known as Wishing Well High were Cruella was currently attending. Julia had heard all about it and though it sounded expensive and thrilling and put in an application as soon as she could. Sure enough with her high IQ and flawless test scores Julia was accepted and in a few weeks was all packed up to start WWH alongside her BBFL Cruella Deville and away from her loser family. Julia loved her new life at school and was exposed to what the high class life of the rich and famous had to offer, ditching her old name as Julia and simply going by Jewel, she fit in brilliantly quickly becoming the most popular girl at school due to her amazing taste in fashion and her contacts including the majority of the Queens. In the beginning Jewel still had that quirky kindness about her people liked but hanging around with Cruella more and more the kind hearted girl seemed to slip away and make way for a new kind of Jewel, a self absorbed harmless bitch only interested in two things, herself and how to better herself in the eyes of her peers.

Jewel is a major drama queen and makes every mole hill out to be the tallest mountain ever in existence and is at the centre of everything. Jewel isn’t happy unless everything is about her but knows her place where Cruella is concerned and knows to stand behind the blonde and never to back answer the ‘goddess’ that made her what she is. However Jewel doesn’t know what goes on behind closed doors sadly enough and what selling her soul to the devil has cost her. A certain Queen Victoria Heart has got in for the peppy little Londoner and isn’t happy about her stealing her best friend Cruella and is secretly plotting her demise and pulling the strings as far as Cruella is concerned. The people Jewel surrounds herself with aren’t really her friends they just use her as their run about girl and although for Jewel it may be fun to be on top eventually she’ll know what it feels to fall from grace. Of course she isn’t all bad, Jewel is fiercely protective of her brothers and sisters that are first years this year at Wishing Well High and Jewel will go to any lengths to keep them out of harms way. If there is one thing more important to Jewel than partying, fame at school and herself it is her family. The question is can Jewel find herself again or has she been lost to the wannabe world of Wishing Well’s most powerful?

Face Claim: Natalie Dormer


 Hera Olympian~ Fashionistas(College) ~ 20

Bio: Hera Olympian, a beautiful girl from the beautiful Islands somewhere off the coast of Greece. This blonde bomb shell was born into a world of fun, life and parties and ever since then Hera has known how to enjoy life to an extreme extent, never really worrying about what anyone or anything thinks of her. Thanks to her parents Hera grew up with the best things in life, all the latest make up, clothes, she went to the finest school in Greece and spent her weekends partying, meeting new people and working at the local hotel a few blocks away from her home on the beach. Hera isn’t greedy, as easy as it sounds for her to be so she does appreciate everything she gets and never bragged amongst her friends and always shared everything she owned.

The sad truth about Hera is, when she was only young she was walking home with her younger sister for her only to be kidnapped from her unclosed hand. Three men, pushed Hera to the ground uninterested in her and went after her sister, shoving her in the boot of a car and driving off. There was no ransom, no nothing… She was gone and that is something that has always left a hole in Hera’s heart, she will never forget her sister and every time she thinks about it for too long it can put her into a spiralling whirl wind of sadness.

Fortunately for Hera, she has a wild range of friends thanks to her cousin Hercules. He is known by everyone on all the islands surrounding Greece due to his sporting skills and Hera can be nothing more than proud of him, the pair go everywhere together and if either of them are in any trouble the other comes to the rescue. When they were younger, Herc used to spend a lot of time with Hera as he never really felt excepted into his own friendship group - this is when she met Hades, Pain and Panic and to this day no people have disgusted or repulsed her more than them. She hates their evil, vile ways and can’t stand Hades’ deals as it is something she will never take part in.

Hera is family friends with the Fate sisters, the three girls are all rather close with her but she prefers the company of Arden out of them all for several reasons. One - she by far is the most attractive in Hera’s superficial eyes, two - she can tell the future and Hera is always interested in how her life will pan out and three - she is quite popular in the male department. Hera is a Fashionista due to her always changing style, she will happily work with whatever is in season and she usually always looks flawless with her insanely gorgeous figure and beautiful smile.

When Hera heard Hercules was heading off to Wishing Well Academy for his sports, she was a little heart broken that he considered leaving her behind but after her father coughed up a bit of money, sure enough she was on her way to the fancy boarding school to meet new people. On her first day, she actually bumped into an old friend, Rex Ralph - he had taken a family trip to Greece one year when his father was alive and the pair had hit it off, just flirting nothing more as Hera had her eyes set on someone by the name of Zeus back then but thats another story. Rex introduced her to all his friends and Hera couldn’t help but have a little fun with all their relationship status’ - she can often be found teasing Rosie about Rajah, or mocking Gypsy about Rex, sometimes even hitting on Sid, this sometimes pissed them all off, all except Gunther Highs. Gunther and Hera became instant friends, they share a dorm, talk about everything and there is never anything awkward between them and Hera likes that.

Face Claim: Gage Golightly

→ Lillian ‘Tiger-Lily’ Tiger ~ Fashionistas ~ 17

Bio: Lillian Tiger better known as Tiger-Lily is an native american babe from Indiana USA. Her family dates back to the old native american setters she expresses this through her style choosing to wear native american patterns and feathers in her hair. Lilly is an only child and as a result of this is basically spoilt rotten by both of her parents, she is their little Tiger-Lily which is actually where her nickname comes from. The Tiger Lily being her mothers favourite flower and also a clever play on her name. Her parents own a cigar business known as Chief’s, which has made them quite well off. You’d be surprised how many people in the Indiana area love a good old fashioned native America cigar. Originally though Lillian’s family are from Western Virginia and moved over to Indiana when Lilly’s father came into money in the late 90’s, Lily has only been back to Virginia a few times growing up during the Summer Holidays to visit her Grandmother and loved it. That is also where she met a few of her closest friends, Pocahontas and Nakoma. Pocahontas lived a few doors down from her grandmother and over the summers that she’d been there Lilly began to get close to the girl and her best friend. Lily thought that they were magical and interesting, like what she imagined old fashioned native american women to be like, and being with them made her embrace her heritage so much more. This is why Lily began to dress in such a way, it made her feel close to her old family history.

The girls told Lily all about their families, history and adventures at home but also away from there. Nakoma and Pocahontas both attended a school called Wishing Well High in New York City, the place sounded absolutely mad, but Lily was still intrigued by it. New York was where all the greats lived, the fashion designers, the actresses, musicians. The birthplace of Vogue and true style. Upon returning home Lily pitched the idea to her father of sending her away to go to school there. It took a lot of persuasion to send his little girl away from home but eventually he agreed and Lily was sent off to start school in the spring, seventeen and fresh faced.

She fitted in rather well, being beautiful and interesting it didn’t take long for people to come up and say hi to her. However a certain group of people tended to capture her attention more than others. The Lost Boys. A group of adolescent boys who were grouped together through their love for being badly behaved and keeping their youth alive by not growing up. At the head of them all was Peter Pan. There was something about him that Lily couldn’t really shake, he was so different from everyone else. Lily had lead quite a restricted life growing up, being the daughter of the Chief of Chiefs she had to always be on her best behaviour and do as she was told, where as Peter just wanted to be wild and free. It was inspiring. Peter and Lily became friends very quickly and Lily finds herself flirting with him quite often, however she isn’t quite sure if a relationship is on the cards anymore if they are doomed to friends that flirt. Even so that isn’t too bad, Peter is always there for her, he’s her shoulder to cry, on the person to offer out boy advice and she is the exact same for him. There will always be a special place in her heart for Peter because ultimately he’s her best friend.

A person that Lily just can’t seem to peg is Wendy Darling. Lily and her are pretty good friends mainly because they have Peter in common, in the beginning Lily saw Wendy as competition but of late it’s obvious to see that Wendy hasn’t really got any romantic interest in Peter, because she’s too hung up on Hook. Lily doesn’t really like James Hook, he delights being horrible to her whenever he sees her and post Wendy Darling he tied her to a barge and pushed her int he middle of the school’s lake to teach Peter a lesson to not piss around with his music equipment. Since then Lily has never really liked him and she can’t seem to see how Wendy does either. Wendy is far to good for Hook and although she has told her this time and time again she seems to be adamant about seeing him still. Lily is rather opinionated however she knows where her opinions are not wanted and where to keep her nose out, this being such an occasion. 

Lillian has many talents apart from designing and styling outfits, which is what she is more commonly known for. Such as dancing Lily loves dancing, particularly more traditional native american styles of dance although she is partial to the occasional club song. She is very flirty and loves any occasion for attention to be focused on her, particularly when it comes to boys. And dancing is certainly one way for people to notice her. When Lily gets going all looks are directed her way and on a good day she can even show up a twirl girl.  Lily isn’t really very protective over boys she likes, although like any girl she’s after a good, honest relationship she likes a bit of friendly competition, she is young after all. Previously Lily had a bit of a thing going on with John Darling which somewhere along the way turned into some sort of epic tragedy. They were on again off again, up and down but even still Lily still has a special place for him in her heart. John was Lily’s first love, the first person to make her feel wanted, beautiful and special and that can never go away no matter how much they fought. Every now and then even though they have both moved on Lily sometimes catches him giving her a sneaky stare in English and when he isn’t looking she looks back at him.

Being a very social butterfly, Lillian loves to hang round with her best friends Nani, Pocahontas and Nakoma, the girls have kind of an unwritten party foursome going on and are often seen going out partying together, having a good laugh. However around school she is usually seen hanging around with the Fashionista’s like Tina Bell. Tina and Lily are pretty close due to their shared love of Fashion and also Peter Pan. Lily was really happy for Tink when she had her twins and although was slightlydevastated when she didn’t ask her to be the God mother managed to let it slide. Lily considers Tink to be her female best friend and often confines in her and shares most secrets with her, she also has a great eye for style and shares her passion for designing. Overall Lily is a very happy and carefree and enjoys to live every day like it’s her last, laughing, dancing and having fun with her friends, chasing after guys and getting in trouble but that’s Lily for you, she’s one of a kind.

Faceclaim: Kendall Jenner

Availability: Open

Wishing Well Academy Survey

— Amy


→ Hamish Highs ~ Artists ~ 17

Bio: Growing up with six brothers wasn’t easy. Especially for Hamish. He was always sort of the odd one out. His passion was art and he was always found drawing or painting or even doodling something. Gunther tended to make fun of Hamish for this. The two of them never got along, being complete, opposites and to this day Gunther still makes fun of him. Despite Gunther’s mean personality Hamish is a very optimistic boy and always sees the good in things. He thinks Gunther has the potential to change and hopes that he will one day stop calling Hamish “Ham Sandwich.” 

Someday Hamish hopes to become an artist and have his art shown in art musuems. He is never seen without his sketch book and drawing pencils. Hamish had always been into art. When he was a small child arts and crafts were his favorite things to do. He was never into cars or sports and often times he is made fun of for it. Many people think Hamish is gay, he really isn’t. Gunther usually is the one to call him that and Hamish doesn’t understand how one’s own brother could be so cruel. Many of the other nightmares at school make fun of Hamish as well. But he keeps his head up and ignores the bullying.

When Hamish came to Wishing Well, he fell in love with it. Despite the bullying, the school was beautiful, the city was amazing, and he made a great friend on his first day. That friend happens to be Michelle “Mittens” Martinez. The two really hit it off and Michelle has been Hamish’s best friend ever since. Naturally, when a boy and girl are great friends some deeper feelings develop. Especially on Hamish’s end. He began to develop the biggest crush on Michelle ever. Not that he would ever tell her, Hamish wouldn’t do anything to risk their friendship and he is sure if she ever found out he likes her that she would never speak to him again. Hamish would be just humiliated if Michelle found out because he knows she doesn’t share the same feelings for him.

Hamish is very focused on his academics and hopes to get into the exclusive art program Wishing Well’s college offers. He has already began putting a portfolio together of his best work. Hamish is actually very self conscious of his work and the only person he ever really shows is Michelle because he knows she will give him constructive criticism without hurting his feelings. Hamish is in charge of a lot of the art shows the school holds. he puts together most of them with the help of the art staff at Wishing Well. Once in a while if he is confident about a piece of work and Michelle likes it he will put it in the art show. 

Most of Hamish’s art work includes real life sketches. Animals, nature, and people are his specialties. He actually has a whole entire sketch book dedicated to just Michelle, but he would never tell her that because he thinks that is sort of creepy. A lot of times Hamish can be found in the forest that surrounds the school drawing the plants and wild life that live there. He tries to be as quiet as he can so he can’t scare them off, but that’s not always the easiest thing to do. Hamish’s prized piece of art work is a deer drinking from a stream with some rabbits around and an owl sitting in the tree that hovers over the stream. He outlined all the major details of the picture and then spent over eight hours trying to perfect it. He hopes that someday that piece will be shown over the world, and many more to come after that.

Faceclaim: Sterling Knight

Availability: Open

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→ Garret ‘Purdy’ Redden ~ Artists (College) ~ 19

Bio: One of the only members of his family that has a nice word to say about his sister Julia would be Garret, her loyal little brother and more or less best friend aside from Cruella of course. Meet Garret Redden, better known to the  Wishing Well student body as Purdy and part of the huge ass family labeled the ‘101 Dalmatians’ due to their huge size and how each one has their own dalmatian puppy. Garret is the Edmund of the family, yes you read it right. You know in The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe? This would be the family member that would see out his entire family for turkish delight or in his case a chance to be best friends with stylish peroxide blonde diva Cruella Deville. In fact I think it is safe to say he has some kind of unhealthy obsession with her. For as long as anyone else can remember Garret has been in love with Cruella, while she gave his brothers and sisters the creeps and sent shivers down their spines he couldn’t help but watch her in awe. Of course he’d never talk to her, oh God no. How does one even begin to strike up a conversation with a godess like Cruella? Instead he opted for making sure he was poised and ready at his bedroom window whenever she walked home from visiting her families store, or watched her during dinner at school as she unknowingly ate her fish and chips on Fridays Cruella always had fish and chips on Fridays. No one else could see why he liked her so much and to be honest most of the time neither did he, but she was just so amazing to him. The way she commanded a room, took no bullshit as well as was completely and utterly hot. 

Amongst his brothers and sisters he was kind of the one every tried to include and make one of them although it was completely obvious he was nothing like the others. While all his siblings would go out to the park and play hide and seek Garret would go off to his sister Julia’s room and sketch, preferring to spend time and talk to her rather than do much else. Although to his brothers and sisters Julia was fairly stuck up, and made no effort in hiding her distaste for her family always maintaining that she was a flamingo in a flock of pigeons, she always made an allowance for her brother. Julia liked to think of herself and him as the only normal ones of the family and also the only person who wasn’t hell bent on showing her up. The two were very close and mainly spent a lot of time together, going out places or staying in and watching movies occasionally throwing a bowl of popcorn at the door if any of their siblings tried to intrude on them watching ‘Heathers’ or ‘10 Things I Hate About You’ which were just a few of their favourite movies to name. At school Garret was quite a popular kid, he was very good looking with a crop of dark curls and was in touch with his femmine side which made him a favourite with the girls. He knew how to treat women but at the same time was rough and rugged enough for them to take a real interest in him which was something he never got tired of. That was how he gained his nickname of ‘Purdy’ from being a little kid girls flocked to him, telling him they thought he was pretty, his younger siblings Pricilla and Thaddeus then took to calling him ‘Purdy’ as a piss take however the name caught on and it was what he became known as. To Garret though it didn’t matter how many girlfriends he had or how many women were after him, they weren’t her. They weren’t Cruella. These girls were just practise for him to see how he could work his charms until he could get a chance of getting around to talking to little Miss Deville. 

Garret was more than happy to move to Wishing Well High, especially so he could spend extra time with his sister Julia, focus on his drawing and also to know Cruella who had heard went there. Garret tends to spend most of his time with Julia at school, they sit together most days, her sketching out her latest design ideas and Garret usually something like a tree or a group of people nearby. garret had always had a talent for art growing up, digital art mostly but he enjoyed sketching and painting just as much. No one could deny his immense talent especially with photoshop where he is literally an absolute god. It’s no surprises with talents such as his that Garret became part of the ‘Artists’ clique, a group of fellow talented artists who are skilled with paintbrushes, biros, cameras and all kinds of others stuff. He’s often not seen without a camera in his hand or a pad under his arm as well as dark smudges all over his hands from where he’s been sketching all day. Garret’s work is also all over the school, in frames mostly in he art department but some of his work has made it into the halls and is always something people gander and smile at. His art teacher absolutely adores him and always invests a lot of her time into making sure that he achieves his best and has a bright career ahead of him. From the Artists Garret gets on well with Tessie Davis, and is usually seen with her or Hannah Phillips when he’s not hounding Cruella or hanging out with Julia. 

His personality is certainly one that you have to take with a pinch of salt as he can often be very blunt and bitchy towards people but also has his good days where he’s nice and kind. One thing is for sure Garret is quite a selfish character and it’s rare you’ll see him do something nice for someone such as open a door for them or mind out of their way in the corridor, in his mind there are only a few people in the world that matter and anyone coming towards him that isn’t his sister or Cruella needs to move. As far as his other brothers and sisters go Garret can’t really say he speaks to them very often as their loud personalities mostly get on his nerves, his family is a bit of an embarrassment to him although he get on considerably well with his younger sister Two Tone and older sister Penny, however if he sees any of his fellow Reddens in the halls he does talk to them but only as a brother would. A short conversation and then flees off towards his next lesson.

He is rarely bothered by any of the big names at school such as Sam Black and Aaric as he is more or less under Cruella’s protection. Cruella likes Garret and Julia and makes sure that no one touches them. Cruella and Garret mainly have a very flirtatious relationship which has consisted in the past of a few drunken getting second base escapades in the bathrooms at whichever club they are frequenting but more or less that is about it. Although he maintains that tier relationship is casual he really wants it be something more but as far as he concerned a bit of Cruella is better than nothing at all. As a result he hates Jet Samson, a guy that Cruella is known to have feelings for and would gladly run him over with a truck if he could. Due to their casualness Garret doesn’t like to keep himself exclusive and likes to flirt with any girls and all girls not really caring much for their clique ect and is quite the ladies man at Wishing Well. He is a bit of an odd character and certainly the more darker of the Redden brood but like all his brothers and sisters he would defend them or stick up for them when it came down to anything aside from anything to do with Cruella because lets face it to this Edmund his Turkish Delight happens to have black racoon eyes and bleach blonde hair. 

Facelciam: Connor Paolo

Availability: Open

(Source: fairytale--academy)

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